Advanced Blurbs


– Includes one year of updates and support

Adds a custom blurb module that replaces the default Divi icons with the entire Font Awesome collection of over 600 icons. Also adds five new icon animations: spin, shake, bounce, flash, and pulse.

Current version – 1.04
Last updated – 12-13-2016
* requires Divi 2.4 or higher


The  Advanced Blurbs plugin replaces the Divi default icons with the entire Font Awesome collection of over 600 icons. It also adds five fun animations that are sure to grab your visitors’ attention.

Animations include:

  • Spin
  • Bounce
  • Shake
  • Flash
  • Pulse

Animation loading options include:

  • On page load
  • On hover
  • Infinite

If you experience any bugs, please relay them to me in the comments on the Documentation and Demo page or via email. Thank you!

* The plugin has been tested and is compatible with Divi 2.4+

** Currently uploaded images do not work with the plugin. You have to use the Font Awesome icons. But we are hoping to add that in an update which would give you the ability to add our animations to images.


Unlimited installs on sites owned or developed by you. Plugins require a lot of time developing, maintaining, updating, and supporting. I only ask that you do not give it away to others. It’s only $10!!!


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Plugin Changelog

  • Version 1.04 ( 12-13-2016 )
    • – Updated icons to Font Awesome 4.7
  • Version 1.03 ( 06-02-2016 )
    • – Fixed issue with left aligned icons with custom icon size
    • – Corrected discrepancy between circle and non-circle icon size
  • Version 1.02 ( 05-18-2016 )
    • – Fixed conflicts with WooCommerce
  • Version 1.01 ( 02-26-2016 )
    • – Fixed conflicts with Divi
  • Version 1.0 ( 02-23-2016 )
    • – Initial release
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